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About us
Dozo Abrasive is a manufacturer of COATED ABRASIVES in India, having a most modern plant and fully equipped laboratory for chemical & physical testing backed by a team of dedicated & competent workforce directly under experienced management, whose keyword is 'Quality'.

A constant close watch at every stage of production is maintained to ensure the best standard right from raw materials to the final end products. A series of rigorous tests are conducted before our products are permitted to go out to consumers.

Research & Development is a major part of our activities to keep us ahead of the changing requirements of the end users of Coated Abrasives. The company manufactures wide range of Coated Abrasives for the finest hand finishing and polishing to heavy stock removal to suit the buyers requirements that are available in the form of Sheets, Rolls, Discs, Belts and Strips suitable for applications in wood sanding, automotive refinishing, metal grinding, stone and terrazzo grinding, fibre glass industry, leather industry and general manufacturing.


At Dozo Abrasive we are committed to be responsive to the customer needs for their success in the market. The customer is the key focus of our activities.

To achieve this:
  • We will develop and supply products as per their ever changing requirements at reasonable prices.
  • Provide timely competent service
Abrasive Flap Wheels
Abrasive Spindle Mop Wheels
Abrasive Velcro Discs / Abrasive PSA Discs
Abrasive Radial Flap Disc
Abrasive Belts
Abrasive Rolls
Abrasive Sheets
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